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“Palestinian Terrorists fired 75 rockets into south of Israel in the last 24hrs”. On November 10, 2012 The Jerusalem Post wrote:  “Palestinian Terrorists fired 75 rockets into south of Israel in the last 24hrs”.  The Jerusalem Post is an independent Israeli newspaper, which calls the Palestinians terrorists when they fire rockets into Israel.


   Why would Palestinians fire 75 rockets into south of Israel in 24 hours? Who are those Palestinians and who are those Israelis? Where is Palestine and where is Israel?

Those rocket-firing Palestinian Arabs claim that Palestine is their homeland which they lived and prospered in it for ages. They also claim that since the 5th century BC, the region between Phoenicia and Egypt was clearly labeled as Palestine until today and its residents were designated as Palestinians whether Pagans, Jews, Christians or Muslims.

Those same Palestinians also claim that in the last 1000 years, Palestine contained Muslim Palestinians, Christian Palestinians and Jewish Palestinians and that the Muslim Palestinian community grew to constitute more than 84 percent of the total population and total land ownership, with 11 percent Christians and 4 percent Jews. Whether Jews, Muslims, Christian/Armenians or other, no community has persecuted the other. Apart from rare public rattles kept always under control, Palestine was the most desirable place for any of the religious groups to live in. They have all worshipped, prospered and traded among eachother peacefully under one occupation following the other, with the finest times being recorded as those under Arab Islamic rule, and which was largely regarded as an independence rather than a conquest by minorities and majorities alike due to its fair, respectful and democratic conditions (respectful democratic conditions). Never non-Muslims were subjected to convert forcefully, never. Islam as a faith grew gradually during centuries and with full conviction, with minor cases of conversion to evade paying taxes. Again, Palestine was the most desirable place for any of the religious groups to live together, until the Zionists came armed between the 1890s -1930s from Eastern-Europe and Russia, and they keep coming from the rest of the world, claiming Palestine theirs, terrorizing the Palestinians from their villages and homelands to settle in their places. That was the start of the present so called “conflict” between non-Jews and Jews in the Middle-East. As clearly as it sounds, it is a resistance against east-western/western Zionist occupation, and not an Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Palestinian natives had always inhabited Palestine whether Abrahamic, Jebusites, Amurites, Nebateans, Hebrews, Phoenician or other, they were all called Palestinians including the Prophet Jesus of Nazareth, he was Palestinian. With the development of Christianity during the Roman empire the majority of the Palestinians became Christians and 2 to 3% of the population were Jews. With the advent of Islam in the 7th century AD, natives gradually and largely converted to Islam. 1516 AD Palestine becomes a province of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and sustained a perpetual population estimated at 11% Christian Palestinians, 4% Jewish Palestinians and about 85% of Muslim Palestinians, with a comparable ratio of land ownership and community settlements. That remained the case all the way up until the fall of the Ottoman empire in 1919 and when the Middle-East came under the rule of the British and French governments. British Empire and some sympathetic Jews embark on a program for Ashkenazi (European) Jewish colonization in Palestine, with the aim of establishing a Jewish state/homeland. In 1916, British and French rulers secretly agree to divide the Arab world while publicly claiming support for independence and self-determination. Instead, the British government supported the Zionist plan and gave way for the refugees who came from Russia and East-Europe during the last 40 years to organize professional armed forces and attack non-Jewish Palestinians and terrorize them out of their homes, towns and homeland and any Palestinian uprising against British rule and Zionist Colonization is crushed violently. Most leaders of the liberation movement are killed or deposed.

After the Zionist declaration of the state of Israel over Palestine and the United Nations’ approval of it, the Arabs recognized the premeditated betrayal against them and revolted against the Zionists who were heavily prepared to confront such an anticipated rebellion and retaliated an offensive of massacre and ethnic-persecution against the Arabs including any non-Jew who resist them.

It is noteworthy to mention that the timing of the Jewish colonization of Palestine plan was optimal with its purposeful intimidation to create a conflict and use it to terrify the native Arabs in Palestine, and to gain ground by prearranged creamy offensive re-bounds and mass expulsion of non-Jews from their villages and towns. It was a time of global shake-down from the aftermath of the second world war, an optimal time where in some cases it is said to have been supported and applauded for by some Jewish futurists who had their hands plowed deep in the German Nazi corridors, but which had unexpectedly blown out of the estimated proportions also for their own spinal damage. A fraction of humanity was killed in battle, under bombs and in concentration camps. It was a time when world nations were deep-sunk reconstructing their crushed infrastructures and institutions, and formulating their complicated departures from most of their off-shore colonies, turning a sorrowful and sightless international eye on the Palestinian faint tragedy in play. It is impossible for any moralistic person today not to understand why those so-called “Terrorist Arab Palestinians” by The Jerusalem Post, are zipping homemade rockets into their own occupied courtyard. Those are the children of more than 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled in the 1940’s out from their homes and lands after the declaration of Israel, and are unable to return following the Lausanne Conference of 1949. Those are the people who wait in cages for five hours daily to cross a checkpoint to get to their nourishment earning jobs in their occupied villages or to plow their unoccupied-yet lands. Those are the people who every while multi Israeli air assaults thunder down on their cramped ghettos ripping entire families beyond distinction with US aid bombs and destroying their blocks to rubble, they retaliate with feeble whizzing rockets onto their invaders or blow themselves up in a crowd of occupiers to avenge the elimination of their entire family by those same military gifts. Those are the children, women and old people who are suffering the worst kind of aggressive abuse, racist and ethnic persecution since the british mandate over Palestine until today. Those are the people who their homes, villages and olive trees are being bulldozed every week to make room for more incoming Russian, French, American or other mobs who claim that Palestinian towns and villages are their “God-given” right. God has already seen his creation from beginning to end, and God is not waiting for the hour, we are. In his Majesty’s realm, all matter and particle is already back to where it came from, already estimated whether it weighs heavy or whether it weighs low, whether it’s full of inclusions or whether it still has a glow.

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